superiors: what are you going to do with your life?
us: i dont know. ill just change the world or something.

Day 3 (yester)

Yesterday was meant to be the most fun. So true.

We heard from the CEO of IJM (international justice mission), a collection of professionals, like lawyers, reliefs workers, and world studies experts.

We also heard from John Prendergast, a leader in the fight to end genocide.

Invisible children’s very own field manager, Adam Finke, spoke to us about the on-ground work IC has been developing, like radio towers and communication systems that will hit the LRA the hardest.

Over this weekend expedition, we set our fundraising goal for this semester: $7,400. This exact amount is enough to buy one HF radio that will work towards bringing child soldiers home and communicating to them the idea of surrender and safety.

It has been a ______ weekend. I’m not even sure what to put in the blank because too many words describe it and that would just bore a reader to death. Thank you to my parents who made this trip possible for me and too all of the people who gave money and time last year to no just reach but shoot off beyond our goal. Thank you thank you thank you.